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Welcome to the Olive Helps Developer Hub

Ready to put your solution in front of a new group of healthcare users? Get started using the Loop Developer Kit (LDK).

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Download Olive Helps

First things first: Download Olive Helps and create your Olive account. Then, visit the Loop Library to become a Loop Author and get building.

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Aptitude is everything

As you build Loops, leverage Olive's collection of Aptitudes - tools and capabilities that capture important user information. Aptitudes enable Sensors, which let your Loop understand how users are working and when to offer help.


Provides access to browser activity and HTML via a Chrome or Firefox extension


Provides read and write access to the filesystem, enabling Loop Authors to read and write files.


Allows Loops to enable Optical Character Recognition and parse information from it


Allows Loops to obtain a signed JWT which can be used to identify an Olive Helps user to 3rd party services.


Allows Loops to read clipboard contents, write to it and be notified when clipboard contents change.


Observes Keyboard activity.


Allows Loops to create a local search index with  features such fuzzy searching.


Allows Loops to retrieve and store strings in the system's secure storage.


Allows Loops to get the current cursor position and receive updates as the user moves the cursor.


Allows Loops to make network requests to external services.


Allows Loops to access information about the host system.


Allows Loops to display interactive information using a variety of formats in the Olive Helps Sidebar.


Allows Loops to parse XLSX files


Allows Loops to observe processes running on the system


Allows Loops to receive a notification whenever the user interacts with UI elements in Olive Helps.


Allows Loops to see what application windows are open in the system.

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Need help getting started?

Submit a request or email your Olive Helps developer contract for further assistance

Additional resources

Olive Helps Platform

Learn all about the Olive Helps platform.

General Security

Review Olive's data and information security standards.

Loop Permissions

Learn to set up permissions, and how to use them in your Loop.

Loop Approval Checklist

Ensure your Loop meets all security, technical, product, and design guidelines.

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